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Here's a sampling of some Stooges wavs  Mom and I have found...
There are TONS and TONS of great stooge sites out If you're interested in
Finding more about The Boys  check out Yahoo! search

 I aint afraid of that fathead
 Hey Fellas I got a bite!
 I'll make a note of it!
 Watch your P's and Q's
 Im tryin to think..but nothin happens
 Im a victim of circumstance
 Oohh a wise guy!
Did you come from behind that rock or from under it?
 Ya Missed me
 We're not Ordinary ppl...we're morons
 Oh A Wiseguy
 Thats nothin we had a bed what went back to Sears and Roebuck
 Shemp Ordering Soup
 I'll show you guys a picture what is a picture
 Stooges theme


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