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Okay y'all I gots more wavs! Enjoy them....
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 Computers Dont Make Errors
 Guns Dont Kill Ppl...
 Just When I ThinkYou've Said the Stupidest....
 This is an Interstate PhoneLine...

 Today I am A God..(Bart)
 Computers Can Do That? (Homer)
 They Have the Intermet on Computers Now
 Im Somewhere....(Homer)

 This is Pretty F--d Up Right Here
 Who Cut Your Hair.....Stevie Wonder?
 Its All a Bunch of Treehugging Hippy Crap
 Me Love You Long Time....*lol*
 I do Believe That Sucks A$$
 Stop It!
 Don't Shoot Me!
 Oh My God! The Killed Kenny!
 South Park Theme
 When Is this going to be on the Air?
 MOM! Kittys Bein A Dildo Again!

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