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Todays page is brought to you by the letter H as in

I believe in saving the world for our Children...But NOT our childrens children...because I dont think children should be having sex....
~Jack Handey~

 And Thats All I have to Say About That....(Forrest Gump)
 Its a Dog Eat Dog world.....(Norm From Cheers)
 Go Away Boy...(FogHorn LegHorn)
 Here's a Qurter sweetHeart... Go Buy a Clue (Unknown Womans Voice)
 I could tell you..But then Id have to Kill You (Tom Cruise)
 This is What Happens when Demented ppl Play with Powerful Toys
 What Colour is the Sky in Your World? (Frasier)
 Great Googly Moogly (Snickers Commercial)
 Never Hire a Ferret ...(Louie the Budweiser Lizard)
Oh Bother (Winnie the Pooh)
 What A Party! (Daffy Duck)
 Ive Just Been Pinged Bigtime Sir (Down Periscope)
 If You Build it.....(Field of Dreams)
 Sneaky Bastidge....
 Ho Ho Very Funny...Ha Ha It Is To Laugh (Daffy Duck)
 If You're waiting for a might wanna pack a lunch (David Spade)
 I think we're gettin into a weird area....(Bill Murray)
 Im Sorry Was I Asleep When ou Tuned Into a Wussie (3rd Rock )
 Ya Darned Galoot (Yosemite Sam)

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