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Scarlett Proclaims Her Love For Ashley at Twelve Oaks
      Scarlett inquires who Rhett is at  Twelve Oaks
        I believe in Rhett Butler..He's the only cause I know of
        You Should be Kissed and Often...
 I  hate and despise you Rhett Butler...
I don't know nothin 'bout birthin babies (Prissy)
     As God Is my Witness...
 Rhett proclaims his love for Scarlett...
      I only Know that I love you...Thats you're Misfortune
 Tommorow is another day

    These are just a few of my favorite lines from
Gone With the Wind.
              Many of these wavs were found at the following site:
Gone WIth the Wind Sound Archives
             Longer Versions of several of these are availible there

How To Catch A Man: Scarlett O'Hara Style!
    Pictures of my Favorite Couple : Rhett and Scarlett
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