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How to Catch A Man...Scarlett
O'Hara Style!!!!

        Have you ever wondered how Scarlett O'Hara managed to wrap almost
every man she met around her finger? Well, wonder NO longer! Here are
several well-tested hints that she used (and sometimes detested having to
do!) By the way, I KNOW this will make women of the 90's shudder will
horror , but HEY they worked for Scarlett!

1.  Magnolia white skin- prized by southerners- shielded from the sun by shawls, bonnets, and
lacy parasols!

2.  Acting like she didn't eat any more than a bird!

3.  Walking when she wanted to run!

4.  Saying she felt faint after a waltz when she could dance for two days and never get tired!

5.  Saying "How wonderful you are!" to even fool men!

6.  Pretending she didn't know anything so men could tell her things and feel important!

7.  Acting silly to catch a man!

8.  Pretending to faint, acting empty-headed, and coquetish!

9.  She dropped her eyes downward and nibbled daintily!

10.  She laughed and  made her earings dance!

11.  She tossed her head at their compliments and swore she didn't believe anything they said!

12.  She managed to turn the conversation to herself, without men ever realizing it!

13.  She smoothed men's vanities while keeping them on a string!

14.  She knew how to smile so that her dimples leaped!

15.  She walked pigeon-toed so that her hoops swayed!

                                 16.  She knew how to look up into a man's face and then drop her eyes and bat the lids rapidly so
that she seemed a-tremble with emotion!

17.  She learned to conceal her intelligence beneath a face as sweet and bland as a baby's!

18.  She never interupted gentlemen when they were speaking, even  if she thought she knew
more about matters than they did!

19.  She curbed her temper and appeared sweet-natured!

20.  She made a man feel like the smartest and most special person in the whole world!

                This list was copied from :Gone With The Wind Forever and Always
Check it out! ITs a great site!!

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