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              Who knows what exactly Im gonna put here..
                 Right Now there are some of my Favorite Wavs
           More Wavs and Pages will be added
               here soon..Thank Yous to James for sending me the wavs
             and  for puttin up with the wavs wars! *giggle*
            Enjoy the background...cause its groovy...
Peace my Friends.
Hippy Blank


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Gone With The Wind Pics and Sounds
Three Stooges Sounds
Sounds From Airplane! The Movie
Wavs I Dig
That 70s Show Wavs
Elvis Music Wavs
Movie Theme Song Wavs   

Sifl N Olly
 Caller GO Ahead
 Some People Say Im Like Bacon In the Morning
 I Dont want no Freakin Monkeys.....
 Its So Crescent!
 They Got IceCream?
 Oh MY Gosh!

The Girls of the Internet....
 Give me the number for 911
 This is 912...
 Thats it Im outta...
 All Right Guys..Pipe Down!

Taco Bell Dog
 Who Did You Expect?
 Viva Gorditas!
 A Taco Revolution?
 Bless You Taco Bell
 Here Lizard Lizard!
 Yo Qieuro...

      Misc. (good For ChatRooms)
 Duck Laffing
 What Have I done? (Friends)
 Watch your language bud..(Daffy Duck)
SmartyPants (Daffy Duck)
 3 Words Fab-u-lous
 ooohhhhh What A Grouch (Yosemite Sam)
 I was Just here...(X-Files)
 Prmise me this isnt leading to something....(X-Files)
 Homey Dont Play That (In Living Colour)
 You GO Girl
  Just when ya thought you had me figured out
  Thats Kook Talk! (Kramer from Seinfeld)
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